Talking to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) can help you achieve your goals

The emotional bond between mother and baby is so special

Sometimes things don’t go to plan or mother may be advised to wean due to health reasons and then decides to try again, or mother might be planning on adoption. Relactation and breastfeeding an adopted baby requires support and the correct information.

Can I breastfeed again after my baby has been weaned, or I have not given birth?

Sometimes it can work, but sometimes it can't be achieved

What do I need to do?

Make sure you have received correct information and considered all the options available to you.

Ok once you have decided to try then you need to re-program your body.

The first thing to do is to try to bring baby to the breast for suckles. If the baby doesn't try to feed and pulls away then more skin to skin contact, the same as after birth may help.

Hire or purchase an electric double pump.

Speak to a GP about a galactagogue to stimulate milk supply or discuss herbal remedies with your Lactation Consultant or health professional. Sometimes taking both of these can help.

Remember to drink plenty of water and always eat well.


Take medications as prescribed

Massage breasts 2-3 hourly in the day and 3-4 hourly at night

When breasts are starting to feel heavier or milk can be hand expressed then start pumping

Use Electric double pump every 2-3 hours in day and 2-4 hours at night ensuring that one express time is between 12 midnight and 4 am

Try baby to breast frequently  and after bottle feeds

This process can take some weeks until the breasts remember what to do and sometimes it does not work.

Talk to your Lactation Consultant or health professional regarding all issues on relactation and breastfeeding an adoptive baby.