Breast Pumps And Lactation Aids

Maximising breastmilk production

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Everyone is unique, and not all pumps will suit every woman. There are many types of breast pumps and lactation aids available.

Before purchasing a breast pump some things to consider:

Why do I need a pump

How often am I planning to express

Am I taking it to work

For example, a mother who is expressing for a preterm baby and is expressing 8-10 times a day will use a different pump to a mother who is returning to work with a 6-month-old baby and is pumping 2 times a day

There are many brands on the market so a discussion would be advised to ascertain the right one for you

Consider all of the options available to you

Lactation aids are discussed as needed on an individual basis  e.g. Supply Lines/ Nipple Shields etc.

Use should be shown by a person experienced in helping mothers with breastfeeding. Using a lactation aid will allow a mum to supplement her baby with expressed breastmilk.

Bonding is very important, but hunger comes first.

Helen can offer advice on the best breast pumps and lactation aids to suit your individual needs.