Tongue And Lip Tie

May cause latching issues and affect milk supply

Diagnosis and Treatment

Tongue and lip tie are common causes of nipple pain and breastfeeding issues including reflux and gas.

What is a tongue tie?

There is a little piece of tissue under the tongue that anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Sometimes it grows too far forward and prevents the tongue from doing everything it needs to do for breastfeeding.

How do I know if my baby has a tongue tie?

When your baby yawns or cries the piece of tissue is often seen

Your health professional may use a gloved finger to feel the tissue under the tongue

How does it affect breastfeeding?

If the tongue cannot come forward enough to reach the bottom lip, then it may cause problems when latching your baby

If your baby is not latched well, this can cause pain and nipple damage

Also, when baby is not latched well, this can cause problems with milk supply

How can this be resolved?

After an assessment of a breastfeed has taken place, it then becomes obvious that it's causing problems

If required a Paediatric Surgeon will snip the piece of tissue that is preventing the tongue from protruding

Will this hurt my baby?

We don’t think so; however, some babies have slept through the procedure

There is sometimes a drop of blood

It is good to breastfeed/offer expressed milk straight after it is done as this helps with healing

Breastfeeding should then be comfortable for you

What is a lip tie?

Under the middle of the top lip is a piece of tissue that sometimes grows down to the top gum margin  If it grows down too far, this can then prevent the top lip from flanging back while breastfeeding.

How does it affect breastfeeding?

It may cause a blister on baby’s top lip

Usually, by adjusting the latch, it can make breastfeeding more comfortable

How can this be resolved?

Generally, nothing needs to be done as the tissue grows as baby grows

Sometimes the baby is reviewed by a Paediatric Surgeon when 12 months old for an opinion about whether it may affect teeth