Inverted Or Flat Nipples

Breastfeeding can still be achieved!

Can I Still Breastfeed?

New Mums may be concerned if they have inverted or flat nipples and may wonder if they can breastfeed their new baby. An antenatal consultation with a Lactation Consultant would be advised to discuss options and techniques for feeding.

An understanding of correct feeding position and attachment is also helpful to know.

What can a new mum do to assist with inverted or flat nipples?

Using fingers to help shape the breast for feeds can often help

Using a breast pump to evert the nipple before feeds can also contribute to latch baby to breast

These are practical techniques that will need to be demonstrated.

Establishing breast milk supply by the end of the first month is the most important aspect to remember.

If a baby is unable to latch initially then maintaining supply is paramount. Breasts will need to be hand expressed or use a breast pump 8 times in 24 hours; this is vital to establish supply.

Mums will need to mimic how the baby would be fed at the breast.  Lots of skin to skin contact on Mums chest and frequent expressing while using a long teat to feed baby from the bottle is necessary.

Some babies may struggle with trying to attach to an inverted or flat nipple

After birth, some babies may not be able to attach initially

Keep calm and express and offer colostrum via syringe

When volume increases offer breast milk via bottle with long teat

Practice latching using technique advised by a Lactation Consultant

Depending on the situation if baby is unable to latch to breast for feeds mums may decide to offer expressed breast milk until baby is able to latch

Remembering that breast milk, no matter if the baby receives from breastfeeding or expressing is the most important goal!