Feeding Positioning And Attachment

Sit comfortably for breastfeeding

Positioning - help your baby to feed correctly

Babies know how to feed as it is instinctive for them, for the best feeding positioning and attachment technique, there are a few tips mums need to know:

Breastfeeding should not be painful; it may be tender in the first few days and then stop

If painful, then something is not correct with the latch

Latching the baby incorrectly will cause nipple damage which can lead to pain, difficulty with breastfeeding and lack of confidence for new mums

A demonstration of how to hold baby and how to shape the breast for feeding is always a great place to start

Babies need to be unwrapped for feeding, no wraps, bibs, etc

Mum needs to be sitting in a comfortable chair with good back support or lying in bed

Ideally, baby should be fed when hunger cues are noticed

To keep baby calm, nappy change can wait until after a feed if  baby is very hungry

Place baby chest to chest and support baby across the  shoulders, not neck or head as this will cause baby not to be  able to open mouth widely enough for latch

Bring baby towards the breast with head tilted back and wide  mouth

Baby will draw breast into mouth

Baby will start rhythmical sucking bursts with intermittent  pauses as baby tires

Latching baby is the most important skill to learn as everything  revolves around this

Correct latching will mean pain-free feeding

Less likelihood of nipple damage and mastitis

Correct latching will mean milk supply is established by the end of the first month

There are several different ways to feed baby, and each mum will find what is comfortable for her and the baby

Pillows or cushions are sometimes useful in the early days for easier feeding

Are you comfortable? It's really worth getting yourself comfortable before a feed. Remember to relax your shoulders and arms when you feed.

A mother can hold her baby to her body in the way that feels right for her.

There are many different positions for comfortable breastfeeding, choose one that's comfortable for you.