Antenatal Preparation

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and new parents want to prepare for the birth

Plan and Organise

Along with designing the nursery and purchasing clothes etc. Antenatal preparation includes preparing for breastfeeding the new baby.

New parents will have lots of questions about what is normal with breastfeeding after birthing the baby.

An antenatal consultation can address the following issues:

When will the baby need to feed after birth

Holding my baby correctly for the feed

What is normal with feeding in the first week of life

How do I know I will make enough milk for my baby

Knowing when my baby has had enough milk at a feed

How often will my baby need to feed

What cues will my baby show me when hungry

Should I wake my baby if baby is sleepy

What should I do if baby won't feed

Do I need a breast pump and if so what is the best one to purchase/hire

If I do express milk then how do I store it

Will my baby need a dummy or does that cause a problem with breastfeeding

Will I need to give my baby formula and should I buy it before the birth

If I use bottles and teats does it matter which ones I use

How do I sterilise bottles and teats

Antenatal preparation - other concerns

  1. New parents will want to know what is normal with wees and poos and if they should be concerned if baby doesn’t poo every day.
  2. Mothers will want to discuss what foods and drinks to avoid while breastfeeding.
  3. Dads will want to consider how they can best support their partner especially when both parents are tired.
  4. Parents will need to engage family support if available and how this will work for all concerned.
  5. Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed the baby and with preparation, it is usually easier to get started.