Multiple Birth

Every woman and her pregnancy are unique

Congratulations …now how am I going to feed my babies?

Preparation for breastfeeding multiples is advisable. However, babies instinctively know how to breastfeed, and the vast majority of mums will make enough milk to feed their babies. A multiple birth can be challenging, and you will naturally have concerns.

Breastfeeding works on the principle of supply and demand. This means the more milk you remove from the breasts whether that is by expressing or feeding, the more milk the breasts will produce.

Mums with multiple babies usually have their babies prematurely which can lead to all of the issues discussed under premature babies.

The term Multiple Birth can be normal for twins, approach feeding in the usual way.

Babies may be vigorous with their feeds or sleepy. It is important to encourage Mums to feel confident feeding each baby separately before feeding both together. Expressing may be required if babies are sleepy and not able to feed after birth.

Encouragement for mum is essential as it can feel overwhelming at first. Engaging family support for the care of other children, meal preparation and household duties can be immensely helpful.

A premature multiple birth

Premature multiple birth babies may be in a neonatal intensive care environment for some time. Furthermore, this usually means the babies will be tube fed until they can go to the breast for feeds. Parents will enjoy skin to skin chest contact with babies until they can attempt breastfeeds.

Most importantly mum needs to hand express in the first few days and then use an electric breast pump at least 8 times a day until babies are fully breastfeeding.