Baby Suckling Problems

Is your baby not thriving or having difficulty with feeds

A Weak Suck

Is your little one struggling with baby suckling problems? Some babies may suck incorrectly or may have a weaker suck than others.

When babies are born, they know instinctively how to breastfeed however, some things can affect the normal suck swallow breathe pattern for a baby. This coordination of feeding is also instinctive but may be delayed a little.

Sometimes the problem is noticed immediately at birth and sometimes not for some time.

How do new parents know if their baby may have a sucking problem with coordination of feeding?

When breastfeeding baby may take a lot longer to feed and tire at the feeds and not finish the feed

Baby may not form a good seal at the breast and spill milk while feeding

Despite frequent feeds, baby may not gain adequate weight

Mums milk supply may decrease due to latching problems

Premature babies may temporarily have this issue when they are small, however, as they grow, it usually goes away.

Finally, be patient, you'll get there in the end! Take a few deep breaths, calm baby down, and stay calm yourself. It takes a week or two for most mothers and babies to become skilled at breastfeeding.